Fujifilm X-T2 Mirrorless Digital Camera Reviews Fujifilm X-T2 Mirrorless Digital Camera Review

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There’s no way to shoot these lenses off the camera to see how they work without correction; they are intended to work with the camera as a complete system.

The XT-2 has a huge, live electronic finder with eye control, about 15 years ahead of LEICA’s plastic EVF on the M typ 240. Fuji is actually advancing the state-of-the-art in photography, while other brands are just sitting around selling the same old thing. This Fuji actually has dials and a control system that work together, not like the could-have-been-great dials on the Nikon Df.

The X-T2 focuses super fast, and it’s super sharp, and unlike a real SLR or rangefinder camera, the XT-2’s closed-loop mirror less auto-focus system ensures that focus is dead-nuts perfect every time.

When you use the Fuji, you’ll see how they’ve actually been thinking about how to rethink what a camera should be and add new features that help us get the shot, as opposed to throwing more junk features in our way to help sell more cameras.

The X-T2 has a very different sensor from other brands, and its images look very different. It has no anti-alias filter, so the results are much sharper than from most other cameras.

The X-T2 just shoots, and the results are always super-sharp and well exposed better than I get from DSLRs, whose exposure and focus aren’t always dead-on as they are with the X-T2.

The X-T2 has real exposure mode switches. Nikon and Canon don’t any more. Better yet, the Fuji, just like Contax, changes its exposure mode automatically as you turn the shutter and/or aperture rings to A when you want them to set themselves. Set both to A for Professional (formerly Program) exposure mode. Done.


Fujifilm X-T2 Mirrorless Digital Camera Reviews
Fujifilm X-T2 Mirrorless Digital Camera Review
Fujifilm X-T2 Mirrorless Reviews
Fujifilm X-T2 Mirrorless Reviews

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