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50 Best Themify WordPress Sites

We have been seeing so many interesting and stunning sites popping up and powered by our themes. From professional service websites to travel blogs and restaurant sites – all our users are proving that a sleek and modern online presence is not hard to achieve! This year we’ve received many submissions, so instead of our usual 30, we’ve hand selected the top 50 WordPress sites. Flick through the list below to get inspired by the endless and beautiful possibilities when customizing a site using Themify.

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House Cleaning Stevenage

Have you begun to swap out many of your traditional, conventional products for eco-friendlier versions? You may still be worried you can’t really get a deep clean with environmentally sound solutions. We’re here to tell you that you don’t have to compromise eco-friendliness to get a deep clean. Green cleaners are available, and they work wonderfully!

At Thai Cleaning Service, we only use green cleaners. That means zero harsh chemicals or toxins leave residue on your home’s surfaces.

green cleaning servicePlenty of products may say they offer green cleaning solutions, but not all of them live up to the hype. That’s why each item the Thai Cleaning Service team uses has been rigorously tested in our executives’ own homes.

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Simple Ways To Factory Unlock AT&T Iphone

How many of you have asked about moving your iPhone phone from one cell phone carrier to another carrier?  Most of the time you get one of the following answers:

This may not be an exhaustive list, but this makes up most of the things you hear from most carriers.

While this may have been true previously, there is a new world out there.  Carriers now have to unlock phones, and let you move from one carrier to another.  Just because cell phones can now be unlocked, there are still specific conditions that must be met by some carriers.  Two specific conditions are the usually followed by some carriers:

1.  You phone must be paid for to be unlocked, and

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Effective Law Of Attraction Tips

Posted By Demetris on Mar 23, 2015

Once you understand the basic premise for using the law of attraction, it is easy to feel overwhelmed in the beginning. For most individuals, beginning to use the law of attraction is usually accompanied by a bit of skepticism.

There are ways, however, to make the law of attraction work for you if you do not work against yourself.

Put some feeling into it

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Fear Of Rejection From Women

In February, Wired looked into the 1,000 most popular words that appear on men and women’s online dating profiles on and OKCupid. There were quite a few dichotomies. For example, while “retirement” was the most attractive work-related word found on a man’s profile, potential suitors thought it was the second least attractive word to see on a woman’s profile. While it’s unclear what context “retirement” was being used in — be it a current state, asipiration, or favorite conversation topic — Wired came to the “sad but true” conclusion that “For men, age seems to equal money. For women, age equals age.”

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How To Do It Yourself Pest Control

Starting today, you have greater control over the message at the bottom of your site’s pages.

Scott Evans

Every site displays a footer credit — a line of text at the bottom of the page — which links to our homepage and to the theme you’re currently using. These links help your visitors set up a WordPress site of their own, and highlight the reach and scope of our community. It’s a way to show the world the pride we take in building, which so many of you have chosen as your home on the web.

Over the years we’ve received feedback about the footer credit, where the language didn’t always align with the goals for your website or blog. So today, we’re rolling out the ability to customize the footer credit. We wanted to give you more control over your site’s appearance while maintaining an important part of

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